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How to choose nanocrystalline cores

Date: Jul 12th, 2023
Amorphous nanocrystalline cores are made of nanocrystalline ribbons through cutting, stacking, fixed molding, and magnetic field heat treatment. They can be divided into iron-based amorphous nanocrystalline magnetic cores, cobalt-based amorphous nanocrystalline magnetic cores, etc. The nanocrystalline magnetic core has extremely high magnetic permeability and wide frequency characteristics, and it still has high magnetic permeability until the high frequency of 30MHz. Apply to EMC filters, common mode inductors to suppress common mode noise. Compared with traditional soft magnetic materials, such as ferrite cores, nanocrystalline cores have obvious advantages, such as high inductance, good filtering effect, small size, and fewer turns of copper wire. It is widely used in wireless charging modules, new energy vehicle motors and other fields.

So how to choose nanocrystalline magnetic ring?

When designing and selecting nanocrystalline magnetic rings, it is best to have a clear target for impedance or inductance. At present, the commonly used method is to choose a known large inner diameter magnetic ring and put it directly on the cable to see the comparison effect. If the effect is not obvious, you can use the cable to wrap a few more turns on the magnetic ring to increase the inductance. , as shown in the figure below (the installation of the three-phase cable magnetic ring of a motor):


When a relatively good EMC effect is achieved, the performance specifications of the magnetic ring are determined, and then combined with the product structure to adjust the actual size of the magnetic ring structure used