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Amorphous Cores for Automotive Market

Date: Jul 7th, 2023
In recent years, with the development of emerging markets, the market for amorphous and nanocrystalline core applications has gradually widened, and it has even become the preferred soft magnetic material in some fields.
Traditionally, amorphous and nanocrystalline cores are mainly used in the products such as common mode chokes, high-power switching power supplies, current sensors, current transformers, and inverters.

Because of their high strength, high elasticity, high hardness, excellent soft magnetism and corrosion resistance, amorphous and nanocrystalline materials are more and more popular. In aerospace, precision instruments, electronic telecommunications, biomedical, UPS, home appliances and other fields are showing increasingly broad application prospects.

Its application field is still expanding, and the markets of photovoltaic, 5G stations, new energy vehicles, etc. It also becomes the first choice of soft magnetic materials for charging pile product applications.

According to the statistics, Amorphous Cores are mainly used in new energy vehicles.
Compared with ferrite core, the advantages of amorphous cores are high magnetic permeability, high saturation magnetic field strength, with the same size, the same number of turns, and the impedance characteristics are generally much better than manganese zinc ferrite core. Even with superior performance, it was difficult to replace ferrite cores with amorphous cores because of the high price.

However, because many devices of new energy vehicles require higher efficiency, the powder cores cannot meet the test requirements of new energy vehicles.  The amorphous core products can perfectly meet this performance requirement. As a results, the demand on Amorphous core has a dramatic increase in the last two years.

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