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Composition Materials of Current Transformer

Date: Sep 13th, 2023
A current transformer is an electrical device used to measure current. It can convert high current into low current for easy measurement and control. The components of current transformer include magnetic core, winding, insulating material and shell.

The magnetic core is the core component of the current transformer. It is made of magnetic materials such as iron, nickel, and cobalt.
The main function of the magnetic core is to concentrate the magnetic field generated by the current for easy measurement and control. The shape and material selection of the magnetic core have a great influence on the performance of the current transformer. Therefore, when designing the current transformer, it is necessary to select the appropriate core material and shape according to the specific application requirements.

Current transformers are made of various materials, and different materials and combinations will have different effects on the performance and application of current transformers. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing current transformers, it is necessary to select appropriate materials and combinations according to specific application requirements to meet different application requirements.