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500000 pcs DC Immune CT Core Shipped to India

Date: Jan 15th, 2024
We have been cooperating with this company since 2016, and it has been almost eight years now. The company has purchased cores from us many times. This is also our partners' recognition of our product quality and services.
During these eight years of cooperation, we are not only their core supplier, but also their partner. Bidragon cores have always adhered to the principles of integrity, quality and innovation to provide them with high-quality core products and continue to improve and innovate to meet their changing needs.
Our company has always focused on product quality and customer satisfaction. This time the customer purchased DC immune CT core. They sent us product performance drawings initially such as dimensions, inductance, etc. We tested the performance of cores and prepare test reports for customers as required continuously. During the process, our technicians continued to solve problems and make the best products. Our cores undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure they meet international standards and customer requirements. We will produce large quantities in line with customer requirements. Our cooperation has been going on steadily.

Over the past eight years, our products have played an important role. I hope our cooperation will continue and the next order will come soon!