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Surprise gifts for placing orders!

Date: Jan 16th, 2024
Our company recently announced the launch of a brand new system: issuing red envelopes or drawing blind boxes for order rewards. This initiative aims to motivate employees to work and improve team cohesion and work efficiency. Since the implementation of this system, employees have expressed that they have been greatly encouraged and their work motivation has been significantly improved.

According to the new system, every time an employee successfully completes an order, he or she will receive a certain amount of red envelope reward. At the same time, employees can also assign an employee to draw a surprise blind box for the first time, so that everyone can feel involved. There are different amounts inside the red envelope, and the blind box contains the Year of the Dragon Pop Mart, building blocks, etc... which greatly increases the employees' expectations and sense of surprise.

This time, our Bidragon Amorphous group successfully placed the order and received a lot of red envelopes and blind box surprises.

The introduction of this system has aroused widespread concern and heated discussions among employees. Many employees said that the introduction of this system not only stimulated their enthusiasm for work, but also increased the fun and excitement of work. This sense of anticipation makes employees work harder, hoping to win more blind box prizes. In addition to stimulating employee' work enthusiasm, this system also effectively improves team cohesion. Employees will share the blind box prizes they received with each other and exchange their joy and surprises. This kind of sharing brings employees closer together.
We believe that this system will bring more orders and performance to the company. At the same time, we welcome all customers to visit Bidragon. We will warmly welcome you and show you our considerate services and high-quality products!