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29*21*6.6 Nanocrystalline Core for Indian Customer

Date: Dec 15th, 2023
This Indian customer has a long-term relationship with us. This time the customer purchased 29*21*6.6 nanocrystalline coresAfter the customer informs the model and requirements they need, we will communicate the details with the factory in a timely manner. Firstly, we make  some samples to check whether they meet customer requirements, then proceed to batch production.

Our products have long life and stable performance, and they can operate normally in various environmental conditions. At the same time, we will also strictly control the packaging. We will indicate the product name, specifications, quantity, date of manufacture, batch number and other information when packaging. We will monitor the entire delivery process.

As orders for nanocrystalline cores increase, our technology continues to improve and the error rate continues to decrease. Hopefully the next order will come soon.