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Application of amorphous cores in new energy vehicles

Date: Dec 5th, 2023
There are many inductive parts needed in new energy vehicles, with a wide range of inductors and a significant increase in application demand. The development of new energy vehicles puts forward higher requirements and challenges for magnetic materials and devices, and at the same time it is a opportunity for magnetic materials and devices.
Amorphous material is widely used in new energy vehicles because its unique organizational structure, efficient preparation process, excellent comprehensive soft magnetic properties, and excellent material properties, which fully reflect the characteristics of double energy saving in manufacturing and use.
The main applications are to manufacture various types of medium and high frequency transformers, high-performance inductors and filters, high-precision electromagnetic measurements and sensors, and high-performance electromagnetic shielding and wave-absorbing materials. Energy-saving and high-efficiency amorphous motors made of amorphous materials, especially suitable for use in new energy vehicles, it has outstanding advantages of high torque output with low current startup, no torque degradation at high speed and high speed energy saving. At the same time, it has energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, and the whole life cycle is a recyclable green material.
The low coercivity, high permeability and high resistivity of amorphous core make the materials easier to magnetize and demagnetize, which significantly reduces electromagnetic conversion losses. The market size of amorphous materials has been increasing in recent years, and the competitiveness of products in this field has been growing.