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1K107B Nanocrystalline Ribbon Shipped to France

Date: Mar 27th, 2024
Recently, a French company repurchased 100kg of our company's nanocrystalline ribbon. Our company has sold 1K107B model nanocrystalline ribbon many times. As it happens, we have no inventory this time, and we communicate with customers in time to start a new batch of production.

Nanocrystalline ribbon is a high-tech material with excellent properties. It is widely used in electronics, automobiles and other fields, and has high commercial value and market demand. Through multiple repurchases of nanocrystalline ribbons, this French company aims to strengthen its technical strength and market position in the field of high-end materials and promote the company's innovative development and industrial upgrading. The company has made several buybacks of nanocrystalline ribbon.
Hopefully the next order will come soon!