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CT Core for Electric Meter

Date: Aug 24th, 2023
A CT core for an electric meter is a type of magnetic core used in a current transformer (CT). The CT core is used to concentrate the magnetic field produced by the primary current, which is the current that is being measured. The secondary current, which is the current that is used to power the meter, is then induced in the secondary winding of the CT.

The CT core is typically made of a ferromagnetic material, such as amorphous ribbon,NANO ribbon and silicon steel, that has a high magnetic permeability. This allows the core to concentrate the magnetic field and provide a high turn ratio between the primary and secondary windings.

The CT core is an important part of the CT and it is essential for accurate current measurement. The type of CT core that is used will depend on the application and the current rating of the CT.

For electric meters, the CT core is typically a split core. This type of core allows the CT to be installed around the conductor without interrupting the current flow. Split cores are available in a variety of sizes and current ratings to accommodate different applications.


A current transformer (CT) is a type of instrument transformer used to measure the alternating current of an electric circuit. It consists of a primary coil which is the conductor carrying the current to the circuit being measured, and a secondary coil (or more than one) connects to a meter or other instrument. The current in the secondary coil is proportional to the current in the primary coil.
A current transformer, like any other electrical transformer, has a main winding, with a single turn (the conductor), a core, and a secondary winding; The physical principles are the same as with a voltage transformer. A high Alternating Current, which is too strong for the meter, flows through the primary coil producing a magnetic field in the core, a low current in the secondary coil is then produced through the magnetic field in the core to safely measure the actual electrical current.