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Bidragon Amorphous Ribbon

Date: Aug 13th, 2022
Iron-based amorphous ribbon is an ultra-fine grain structure that can replace silicon steel, permalloy, ferrite and other materials.
Amorphous strips are produced using advanced molten metal rapid solidification technology with a cooling rate of approximately one million °C/sec. During this process, the metal is rapidly quenched into 15-35 μm thick ribbons, and the microstructure of the alloy is amorphous due to the fast quenching speed.

Fe-based amorphous ribbons have the advantages of high permeability, high saturation induction, high resistivity, high density, low iron loss and good stability. It can meet the requirements of electronic products for high frequency, high current, small size and energy saving, and is widely used in electronic products with the highest requirements for accuracy and stability.