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Air Conditioner Common Mode Inductor

Date: Aug 6th, 2022
In order to eliminate the interference signal input on the signal line and various induced interference, the manufacturer must reasonably arrange the filter circuit to filter the interference of common mode and series mode. The common mode inductor is an integral part of the filter circuit. The common mode inductor is essentially a two-way filter: on the one hand, it needs to filter out the common mode electromagnetic interference on the signal line, and on the other hand, it must suppress itself from emitting electromagnetic interference, so as to avoid affecting the normal operation of other electronic devices in the same electromagnetic environment. 
The common mode inductance and the spike suppressor are both in the small signal working state. The larger the inductance is, the better. The inductance l is proportional to the effective magnetic permeability μe. Therefore, the use of ultra-microcrystalline alloy materials to make common mode inductor cores can greatly reduce the size of the core, especially for common mode inductor cores under high current and high power conditions, with good cost performance, replacing ferrite rings . Generally, the effective permeability of this type of ferrite is about 10,000, while the effective permeability of the ultra-microcrystalline alloy μe can be 8~100,000. Under the same requirement of inductance, the size of the latter's core is only 1/8~1 of the former. /10, obviously ultra-microcrystalline alloys are more competitive.

Filter inductors used in air conditioners have high performance requirements for high frequency and low frequency performance. Our company's inductors have been used in Gree air conditioners, etc. Customers give high praise to our products, and customers in need are welcome to test our samples.