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Amorphous Metal Ribbons Market

Date: Sep 27th, 2023

Amorphous Ribbon is a new soft magnetic material. It is produced through the advanced technology of rapid solidification of molten metal at a cooling rate of about a million ℃/sec. During this process the metal is rapidly quenched as a form of ribbon with 25-35 μm thickness, and the micro-structure of the alloy is the amorphous due to the high quenching rate.

Amorphous Ribbon has many advantages, such as high permeability, high saturate induction, high electrical resistivity, high density, low core loss and good stability. It can replace the materials of silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite. It is widely used in electronics products that high accuracy and good stability are the most required.

By Width, the Amorphous Metal Ribbons can be split into Up to 100 mm and Above 100 mm. The leading type is Above 100 mm, with a market share over 75%.

By Application, the Amorphous Metal Ribbons market can be sub-segmented into several major Application, like Transformers, Motors and Electronic Components. The largest segment is Transformers, accounting for over 60%.

The Global Info Research report includes an overview of the development of the Amorphous Metal Ribbons industry chain, the market status of Transformers (Up to 100 mm, Above 100 mm), Motors (Up to 100 mm, Above 100 mm), and key enterprises in developed and developing market, and analysed the cutting-edge technology, patent, hot applications and market trends of Amorphous Metal Ribbons.

Regionally, the report analyzes the Amorphous Metal Ribbons markets in key regions. North America and Europe are experiencing steady growth, driven by government initiatives and increasing consumer awareness. Asia-Pacific, particularly China, leads the global Amorphous Metal Ribbons market, with robust domestic demand, supportive policies, and a strong manufacturing base.