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Date: May 5th, 2022
The energy-saving effect of amorphous alloy transformers is obvious, and the strong support of national policies will drive the rapid growth of upstream amorphous strips
The company's core product, iron-based amorphous strip, is made of iron-based amorphous alloy transformers, which reduce the no-load loss rate by more than 80%6 and the load loss rate by more than 15% compared with silicon steel transformers. The energy saving effect is obvious. Since 2015, the state has vigorously promoted the development of amorphous alloy transformers, and the future high-speed growth will be driven by the following three aspects: First, the demand for new distribution network transformers. Increase the investment in power grids and rural power grids and promote the pressure on emission reduction of the two grids; the second is the transformation of existing transformers. Improving the energy efficiency of transformers is an important part of power energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, the price difference between amorphous transformers and silicon steel transformers is small. The higher cost will be recovered in about 3 years, and the cost performance is relatively high; the third is the demand for new energy, the state has increased investment in wind power, photovoltaic and other fields, and the installed capacity has been continuously increased. The above factors will drive the rapid growth of amorphous transformers and upstream amorphous strips.