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DC Immune CT Cores Shipped to India for Use in Smart Meter

Date: May 29th, 2024
In a groundbreaking advancement for India's energy sector, 100000PCS DC immune CT cores(14*20*10) have been successfully shipped to the country. Developed by leading innovators in the field, these CT cores represent a quantum leap in reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Smart meters, essential components of modern energy infrastructure, rely heavily on current transformer (CT) cores to accurately measure electricity consumption. However, conventional CT cores often struggle to maintain precision in environments with direct current (DC) interference, leading to inaccuracies in measurement and potential operational issues.

The introduction of DC immune CT cores addresses this challenge head-on, offering unparalleled performance even in the presence of DC disturbances. This breakthrough technology ensures precise measurement under all conditions, empowering utilities and consumers alike with dependable data for billing, monitoring, and management.

India, a rapidly growing market with increasing energy demands, stands to benefit immensely from the integration of these CT cores into its smart metering infrastructure. By enhancing measurement accuracy and reliability, these cores contribute to optimizing energy distribution, reducing losses, and promoting sustainable practices.

We hope that the next order will arrive soon!