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2500PCS Nanocrystalline Cores for Indian Customer!

Date: Jun 26th, 2024
2500PCS 16x10x8 nanocrystalline cores will be shipped to India this week. This time, the customer will use the cores in current transformers. In the early stage, we provided five samples to the customer. After the customer's test, all performance met the standards, and the customer first purchased 2500 nanocrystalline cores from us.

Nanocrystalline cores exported this time are high-tech products independently developed by the company, with excellent magnetic permeability, low loss and high stability, and are particularly suitable for equipment that requires high precision and high reliability, such as current transformers. This batch of magnetic cores has undergone rigorous quality testing and performance evaluation, fully meeting the technical requirements and application needs of Indian customers.
We will continue to improve our technology and provide customers with higher quality products.

Hopefully the next order will come soon!