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200 pcs Nanocrystalline Cores Shipped to France

Date: Mar 6th, 2024
Recently, a batch of nanocrystalline cores were successfully shipped to France. Compared with the previous cores, the size of this time is very different. Our company can customize nanocrystalline cores according to customer requirements.

Our company has many years of experience in producing nanocrystalline cores, and these cores have excellent quality and performance. The company will apply cores to transformers. As an important component of transformers, nanocrystalline core are widely used in communication equipment, power supply, electronics and other fields. Our country's cores have certain advantages in the international market and have been recognized and favored by overseas customers. This time the cores were successfully shipped to France, and the product quality and technical level have been continuously improved.

We hope that the next order will arrive soon!