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What is DC-immune CT core

Date: Jun 2nd, 2023


DC immune CT nanocrystalline core

DC immune current transformers are important components for energy meters and other electrical instruments. Based on the technology of high permeability and high saturation induction soft magnetic material, we can provide DC immune current transformer cores of good linearity. The CT core usually consists of a nanocrystalline ring and an amorphous ring. Thus, the dual core has the advantage of high permeability and high saturation induction.

For our nanocrystalline and amorphous core, the curie temperature (Tc) is 570 °C and 400 °C, both are much higher than that of ferrite core. So, our DC immune composite cores have good thermal stability.

The Applications of DC immune current transformer are:

High end DC immune electronic energy meters

Measurement of DC components in the AC line

The features of DC immune CT Core:

Excellent linearity & precision

Good performance in DC factor