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Welcome the New Year, Everything is renewed

Date: Feb 18th, 2024
2024 has already started, and we ushered in the Chinese New Year on February 10th. This year is the Year of the Loong in the Chinese lunar calendar, and many people gather together on this day to celebrate the festival. All employees of BIDRAGON wish you all a Happy New Year!

Our company 
BIDRAGON held an 
annual meeting the day before New Year’s Eve to celebrate the New Year. It attracted the participation of all employees of the company to celebrate the achievements of the past year and look forward to future development. A variety of programs were set up at the annual meeting, including artistic performances, readings, games, etc., which brought joy and surprises to employees.

After the event, the employees tasted a variety of delicacies and enjoyed a sumptuous lunch. After lunch, we also played very interesting mini-games to bring the atmosphere to a climax. During the dinner, employees communicated and shared their experiences with each other, which enhanced team cohesion and cooperation awareness.
The arrival of the Year of the Loong also means new beginnings and hopes. Many people will make new plans and goals during this year. People hope to have good luck this year. Our company BIDRAGON has started working on February 18th. Customers are welcome to inquire about our companys products and we will provide you with the best service. Looking forward to working with you in the new year!