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Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Core Manufacturers

Date: Jul 25th, 2022
Nanocrystalline core is a key component for the stable operation of electronic power equipment. It can precisely detect the current size, and can also filter the clutter in the circuit to ensure the stable transmission of communication signals.
The most important function of the magnetic core is to solve the EMC problem of electromagnetic compatibility. It can be widely used in the fields of new generation information communication, new energy, Internet of Things, high-end equipment manufacturing, etc., and the market is very broad.

As Transformer cores Manufacturers, BIDRAGONG has developed high-end magnetic cores with excellent performance, achieved innovations in materials and processes, and made great progress in the fields of DC Current Immunity single cores and nano-crystalline toroidal cores.
BIDRGON achieves ultra-thin strips through rapid quenching of the quenched melt, and the volume is reduced. At the same time, trace elements are added on the amorphous basis, and the trace elements are precisely controlled to 1/10,000, and the loss is reduced by 44%; for the problems of heat resistance and shock resistance, the high magnetic field crystallization heat treatment technology is used to make the products meet the requirements of ultra-high current application requirements.