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Leakage Protector Application Range

Date: Aug 23rd, 2022
The application scope of the leakage protector is as follows:
1. Mobile electrical appliances with no double insulation and rated working voltage above 110V.
2. Construction sites.
3. Temporary line.
4. Home appliances.
The operating current of the protection against direct contact with the charged body is 30mA, and it operates within 0.1s.

Installation requirements:
1. The power line of the protected circuit, including the phase line and the neutral line, should pass through the zero-sequence current transformer.
2. A section of power line that penetrates the zero-sequence current transformer should be wrapped tightly with insulating tape, and then bundled into a bundle and penetrated through the center of the zero-sequence current transformer hole. This is mainly to eliminate the unbalanced magnetic flux in the iron core due to the asymmetry of the wire position.
3. The zero line drawn from the zero-sequence transformer must not be grounded repeatedly, otherwise the unbalanced current generated when the three-phase load is unbalanced will not all return from the zero line, but part of it will return from the ground, so through the zero-sequence The vector sum of the current transformer current is not zero, and the secondary coil has output, which may cause malfunction.
4. The neutral line of each protection circuit should be dedicated, and should not be overlapped nearby, and the neutral lines should not be connected to each other. The zero lines of the different protection circuits connected to each other will generate unbalanced magnetomotive force in the iron cores of the zero sequence current transformers of the two circuits.
5. After the protector is installed, power on, and press the test button to test the jump.

The precautions for the operation and maintenance of the leakage protector are as follows:
1. A system should be formulated, designated personnel for maintenance, regular test jumps, and good operation records.
2. If there is a problem, it should be analyzed and dealt with, and it is not allowed to quit the operation without authorization, or consciously make it invalid.
3. Trips during normal operation. If the reason is the motor start or high current shock, alternate start, adjust the positioning appropriately, or avoid the shock with a short delay. If the leakage current increases due to rain or other reasons, the sensitivity can be temporarily adjusted.