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Future Applications and Development Markets of Smart Meters

Date: Nov 23rd, 2023
With the introduction of a new generation of smart meters and the development of communication technology, smart meters application scope expands.

1、Through the collection of users' electricity consumption data, it realizes accurate identification of users' household electrical appliances and provides technical support for guiding users to use electricity in a scientific and reasonable manner.
2、Multi-meter integration. Collect water, electricity, gas and heat metering data consumed by users. Avoid long meter reading cycle, lag in fault detection, inconvenient bill payment...
3、Guide customers to underestimate power usage and peak discharge. Improve the utilization rate of power grid equipment and meet the diversified requirements of homes. 

Smart meters have outstanding advantages:

1. Multi-center modularized design.
2. Distributed, high-capacity storage.
3. Diversified and efficient communication.
4. Modular upgrade.
5. Intelligent display.
6. Load monitoring and analysis.
7. Manufacturing process enhancement.

In recent years, China has implemented a series of energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection strategies, and gradually promoted the construction of intelligent management of electric energy. In this process,smart meters play an important role. The market of smart meters is getting more extensive, and there are certain applications in various industries. In the future, domestic smart meter enterprises can be more specialized in various market segments.

In terms of exports, smart meters and electricity consumption information collection started late in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and West Africa. Its use of power information collection system does not truly realize intelligent electricity consumption, but only the realization of the prepaid, anti-stealing and other basic functions. In the future, there is huge room for growth of intelligent electricity system product. At present, domestic smart meter manufacturers have strong competitiveness in the global market.