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Difference Between Common Mode Inductor and Differential Mode Inductor

Date: Oct 13th, 2022

Common mode inductors and differential mode inductors are commonly used filter inductors in circuits. They usually exist in the form of toroidal inductor coils and have many similarities in appearance. However, the difference between common mode inductance and differential mode inductance is as follows:

1. The differential mode interference signal is a current loop signal formed in opposite directions between the two input power lines, and the common mode interference signal is a current loop signal formed by the same direction and the ground on the two input lines.

2. Common mode inductors are generally wound in two directions, while differential mode inductors are wound in one direction.

3. The number of turns wound on the same core is equal, the diameter of the wire is the same, and the two sets of coils with opposite windings are common-mode inductance; differential-mode inductance is a coil wound on a core.

4. The number of turns of the common mode inductor is the same. If the distribution is asymmetric, it is not a common mode inductor. If the wiring is wrong, the common mode inductor will be effective.

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