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Development of Amorphous Ribbons

Date: Sep 21st, 2022

At present, the main application field of Amorphous Ribbon is the field of distribution transformers. Compared with the traditional material silicon steel, the low coercivity, high permeability and high resistivity of the amorphous alloy make the material easier to magnetize and demagnetize, which can significantly reduce the electromagnetic conversion loss. It is the preferred material for power transmission in the medium and low frequency fields. .

Amorphous alloy materials have a history of only about 60 years since they came out in the laboratory. In addition to their excellent electromagnetic properties, they also have excellent mechanical properties, chemical properties and catalytic properties. They have great application potential in related fields.

Due to the low mass production scale and low technological maturity of early amorphous transformers, the price is higher than that of silicon steel transformers of the same capacity. In recent years, with the continuous maturity of the manufacturing process of amorphous strips, domestic enterprises gradually break the The monopoly of the strip market, with the gradual increase of the localization rate, the market supply has gradually increased. In 2021, China's amorphous ribbon production will be about 103,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 6%. Since 2015, amorphous alloys have developed rapidly, and the market size of China's amorphous strip will reach about 1.45 billion yuan in 2021.

Amorphous alloy products are mainly amorphous strips. Amorphous strip products are processed into toroidal cores, which are the core components of amorphous alloy transformers and are mainly used in the field of electric power.

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