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Date: May 6th, 2022
Due to the superior performance of amorphous transformers in energy saving and emission reduction, the national policy vigorously promotes the development of amorphous distribution transformers, and the rapid growth of the amorphous transformer market will drive the rapid development of the upstream amorphous strip industry.

At present, the downstream of amorphous strip is mainly transformers, so the capacity of amorphous alloy transformer is directly related to the market demand of amorphous strip. Transformers are a capital-intensive industry with many product varieties and specifications. At present, the 10KV voltage level is the most widely used distribution transformer level in my country. The 10KV line accounts for more than 80% of the total length of the distribution line in my country, accounting for about 30% of the transformer industry. 

The growth of industry demand for transformers comes from the following three points:

1. The demand for new distribution network transformers, the distribution network is the focus of construction, maintains rapid growth, the reason is that the development trend of my country's power industry leads to the future development of Chinese society will require the construction of a strong, well developed and intelligent distribution network , in order to make up for the shortcomings of the existing distribution grid in terms of reliability, distributed power, and electric vehicles.

2. The demand for the transformation of existing transformers is to improve the energy efficiency of transformers, which is an important part of power energy conservation and emission reduction. From the perspective of the development of distribution transformers, the reduction of energy consumption will speed up the replacement of transformers.

3. Demand in the field of new energy. Large-capacity amorphous alloy transformers for wind power have been developed in China. With the increasing application ratio of amorphous alloy transformers in wind power plants, it is expected that amorphous alloy transformers will reach 9 million KVA in the wind power field in the next ten years.